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The most intelligent AI driven AP Automation for JD Edwards

Delivering AI-enabled, intelligent AP automation

Reducr is an AP Automation SaaS solution to streamline invoice processing. Reducr uses AIenabled predictive data capture and template-free ML/Deep Learning data extraction powered by AWS Textract™ to easily recognize and manage both structured and unstructured invoice data. Invoice documents are instantly processed with real-time integrations and fraud checks to automatically detect and resolve exceptions without human intervention.

Benefits and features

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Using Reducr will:

Get started easily

Reducr can be set-up in hours. Do you want to start with the free plan, a demo or a call for some more background?

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How it works

Reducr runs in the cloud and connects directly to your JD Edwards AIS Server. The SaaS platform connects over a secure connection to your JD Edwards environment, whether this runs on-premise or in the cloud.

The Reducr solution is configured easily to connect to your environment. All invoice data extracted is validated in real time against your JD Edwards master tables without the need to duplicate any
Reducr recognizes table and line items and has the ability to recognize discounts. The solution deliver touchless/automated 3-way matching from product receipt to invoice line. The innovative AI/ML functionality ensures recognition is far superior to traditional OCR based AP solutions.

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What about security and reliability?

Reducr runs on the highly secure and stable AWS platform, securely connecting to your JD Edwards AIS server. Reducr is a certified ‘Well Architected’ AWS application, meaning it meets every one of the high design standards required by AWS. Reducr uses the latest AI technology and the highest security standards.  JD Edwards master data is used in real-time for automated invoice processing.  No data is stored within Reducr.